Quickie: Toshiko

“Quickie” is a string of visual novels out of”Oppai Games” studiop for those who think that visual books should not be taking an excessive amount of time to playwith. Yet stil it’s verry nice graphic style and different situation when you will need to make a decision that will define at which the whole story will go . And since the total walkthrough is not very lengthy you can easily replay it and attempt various other options. In this specific game titled as”Toshiko” you will meet ultra-cute nymph called… Toshiko! And is there some better way to present yourself to your chick than helping her to catch her runaway kitty at teh park? Ofcourse not! So attempt to use this wonderful chance not only for a good conversing with Toashiko but also for a good fucking. However the end without any bang-out can be possible… Play now »