Lois and Donna in trouble

Perhaps you’re wondering what kinds of trouble two neighbor housewifes such as Lois Griffin and Donna Tubbs could get themselves into? Well, the first mistake that they committed was that they didn’t end up in their lesbian game before Peter Griffin has come home! They’ve secured the front door in order to make it more difficult to conceal their secret… This is also the second msitake occurs – how can they possibly know that Glenn Quagmire is holding a duplicate key? Like he was waiting for something like this. The key is turned and the door opens… and the whole world is in chaos! What exactly happens in the next few minutes and how this tricky situation will be resolved you will find out only if you will play this parody game by yourself! Play now »

Lois Griffin: Working Wife

Lois Griffin – ginger-haired wifey from popular TV cartoon series”Family Guy” – has eventually found herself a fresh job that can offer her not only with enough amount of cash but with joy from doing it as well. What is her new job? She is pleasing customers at the local stripclub in the ways that other dancers are not supposed to – she permits them to fuck her for extra currency! From teasing with breastjob into”lady on top” bang-out and even anal hump – that redehead cougar was holding her sexual appetites for too lengthy and not only she can alleviate them but she’ll also get paid for it! By the way you are going to play as one of her customers and the entire game is made from first-ever person perspective so if you always wanted to fuck Lois Griffin then you will eventually get the chance to achieve that! Play now »