Kick-Ass Girl

Hit-girl is 1 badass misdeed fighting chick out of”Kick-Ass” comics and movies. And today she’s also starring adult hentai game! Story commences with Kick-ass has got a distress call from Hit-girl and descends to the headuarters where she discovers her… and out hot chick is in heat tonight! The dialog happens and you’ll need to participate in it by selecting correct lines to proceed the narrative. But do not disappoint Hit-girl – she can destroy you more ways than you could believe out! However, tell exactly what she wishes to listen to – and here you’re undressing her (by finding active points on her superhero costume elements). Shortly you will determine that Hit-girl has growned up in most right places and now can’t wait to perform with your big gun (and by gun we imply penis as it’s hentai game after all)! Play now »