KO Boxing

Are you prepared to have in the ring one on among KO? And do not allow the fact that she’s sexy looking unshaved to dork you – besides her hands she will work with her tails too well because KO is a kangaroo! Game is made from first person perspective and it genre is close to reflex testing than a regular fighting game. Your task would be to obstruct KO’s cries (including the oen that he made with ehr tail). The one whose stamina will attain zero level first-ever is known as that the looser while the other is obviously the winner. And here could be two results – if KO wins thne you will have to commence all over again. However, in case you’re going to win you will get your opportunity on yet another training sesh together with KO but that time it will be far more personal and scarcely near some boxing rules at all! Play now »