Resident Evil – Hounded

Jill Valentine visited an abandoned factory in search of spare components for her water generator. Jill Valentine hears a yell from the floor of the factory. Hellish dogs attack Jill Valentine from the darkness. They tear her clothes off together with Jill Valentine. Jill Valentine is completely naked. The creature is attracted to her peaches that are large under the shade. And the ominous hounds smelling the pink cunt of Jill Valentine, begin to lick her. And then they fuck the girl with a hound dick in an intimate sexy. Jill Valentine cries out in shock and horror, for from the darkness, a massive zombie emerges with a huge cock. He comes up to Jill Valentine and begins to make a fist with her chocolate eye. From suffering, Jill Valentine is losing consciousness .. Want to know what transpired next !? Start the game now. Play now »