Sigma versus Omega – 2nd Round

“Sigma versus Omega” is a string of funny and consistently sexy stories which tell about teh competition inbetween two gals from various sororitres. One of them is hot appearing typical-cheerleader-captain-kind platinum-blonde while the othe rone is a little bit creepy goth-emo-kind dark haired. Ofcouse your own favaorite can be chosen by you right now but who will win the point to their team in this round you will find out only after you will see this animation. This time it will be all about soirees and it is important to make a decent invitation. So who will get the more guests would be the winner? Well, don’t be so quick in making your judgung unti l you’ll know all of the story! Otehr vignettes you can always find on our site so don’t waste the opoprtunity to find the one and only winner of the ceaseless battle out! Play now »