Casino of Passion

Tonight fresh game by”Lesson of Fire” series will take you to casino. But don’t worry – there will not be some never-ending and repetitive slot machines gameplay. Even if it take splace in Las Vegas games of the series are still focused on personalities, story, relationship and interactivity. This time you’ll be playing as fellow who lives in vegas and knows exactly what he is doing here. Even the otehr heroe – recently married duo – appears to be quite reverse and liberate all of their currency fairly briefly. That’s where our hero steps in with a proposition to create stakes a little bit higher – to create hot hump nighttime with youthfull wifey as a portion of this wager… This story will end is all up to you from now on as as you most likely already know games out of”Lesson of Passion” series usually has multiple endings characterized by participant’s picks. Play now »