Family Reunion 3: Wednesday – Girlfriends

The adventures of a cute girl named Mandy who claims to be her father will to continue as you will be trying to discover who her actual father is. You have been called by her to solve her problem. In this way, you’ll be happy to know that there appears to be some progress in the case of Mandy, however to be certain, you’ll need to meet two attractive lesbians… Are you intrigued already? Think about your actions and words today and if you’re doing all the right things, then you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of hot scenes, in addition to the continuation of the main storyline! Play now »

Call Me Desperate

Desperate times require desperate measures – this might lightly grow to be the slogan for the primary character of this new game from”Lesson of Fire” series. This time you’ll be enjoying as Aiden who is working as photographer and spends an excessive amount of time (and an excessive amount of currency) in the poker table. Following another one unsuccessful game that he completes up with a thick debt which he’s supposed to cover fairly shortly however he can get all the necessary sum is actuially today your issue because at this point of the narrative that you take manage over Aiden’s deeds and decisions. Obviosuly he (and you) may earn some money on erotic photosessions but not that particular models willing to pose naked could be seen on every corner… or do they? That’s something you will have to work out all on your own. Play now »

Family Reunion 8 (part 2): Final

This is second part of eighth episode of”Family reunion”. The numeration might seem alittle little tricky but you reall shoul listen to just 1 thing – it is final! So in the event you have played all of the preceding episodes then there’s no way that you might want to overlook the eneding! This epsiode embarks with a call in the Boss. She’s spent fairly a sum of company’s currency recently. And she’s spended them for non new mammories! And seems like you’ve got the chance to become the first-ever person to examine the result… if you will choose right dialog options ofcourse! If your selection will probably be skimpy you won’t find no tits! How this scenario coordinates with agame series called”Family Reunion”? Well, seem as if you will need to find it out yourself! Just like earlier – hot versions in this game are actual! Play now »

My Housemate is a Maid

The game that you play on your computer is sort of representative of the visual novel hentai category. It allows you to read several pages of text, and be awed by the layout. From time to time you’ll be able to make decisions which could have an impact on the story and lead you to one of the many possible endings if you wish this game, you’ll be likely to repeat the game a lot of times. The story may take place around a man who United Nations agency happened to relocate closer to Japanese capital due to an award he was awarded up north. It’s quite unlikely see a space to measure in national capital in the case of the basis of a scholarship only for our hero to possess to search out a remedy and has to create arrangements in the near future… however, the decision would be to live along with many unusual maid chicks who would try and seduce him or her.|It’s to see any area within the capital city of your nation in the event that you are on the scholarship. Our hero must arrange for an answer. This means that he would have to choose to live with an unusual girlish chicks in order to seduce him.} Let’s get started. Play now »