The Cockbile Hunter

This hentai game is a xxx parody for the world famed TV show”Crocodile Hunter”. And as all of your fave hentai parodie it has starring blond Charlie in it also! Well, as this is a manga porn parody you will have to cath hard-ons instead of crocks. And the most important search will happen not at the swamps but in front of the nightclub where our courageous host is attempting to get in for fairly a time. Who will help in this situation? Of course Charlie will help because she’s an expert in grabbing big black crocks. . .we mean stiffys! She will suck it, she’ll fuck it, she’ll find all of its own juices and abandon it dry! And that is merely the very first part of the show – play through it and you will know how to catch some bones at night clubs if you are trampy blonde with big boobs like Charlie! Play now »