Candy Shop – Chocolate

One day, it had to occurred – the team of crazy scientist whose main job is to turn different desserts into screwable chicks is ultimately going to put their gooey arms on the most classic dessert there is! So how about to see how nailable can be the woman made? Perform the game and test her on your own! The game shceme is quite standard. After introduction scene packed with funny and crazy moments you will get to the test room where you can fuck choclate lady in several unique ways. Just don’t rush and attempt each of the avialable choices I fyou want to get the complete practice! But of you prefer to chocolate something else then don’t forget to check our site – this anime porn game series has a lot of vignettes in it already and each new scene is a new dessert taht you can fuck! Play now »

Candy Shop – Hot Ball

Welcome back into the Candy supermarket – where all of the sweet and sexy dreams are united together! Tonight’s scene is known as”Hot Ball”. Pay another trip to the Bo-Peep Candy company where in pursuit for greater gain supervisors are all set to seek the services of the strangest scientists ever – Dr Excella and her helper Tahl! And since alwaya they’ve something fresh for Andy to check for them. Even more – they’ve invited a special guest to help Andy in this new experiment! But that’s the story – if you would like to find out more details then simply begin to play the game. As for the gameplay it is plot is usual – funny narrative will direct you to the set of interactive anime porn moments where our hero will fuck some deliocious food in the form of sexy lady – who’s gonna be real hot today! Play now »

Candy Shop – Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough is another one dessert that crazy scientists from Candy Co will try to turn into doable nymph and examine after that. How can they even got such idea in the first place? Well, it all began with female depression or something like that or more exactily this article about fighting it in the local newspaper. And what will help during the depression compared to cookie dough? Therefore that the task was solved in the traditional for our series way – that turned it into screwable chick! But since our main test boy Andy is well, a boy, he might need some additional person of the opposite hook-up who will help him so today you are going to see something very special – threesome mff collection of tests! And in case you did not get enough sugar you can play gigs on our site. Play now »

Candy Shop – Smores

Which are”smores”? Well it’s some sort of a dessert based on marshmellows… that is already enough to understand to earn a sexy looking and nailable chick comprising it since that is exactly what guys from sexual and hilarious game series”Candy Shop” do! But how did they obtained such an idea in a first-ever location? It all has commenced during a few of these teambuilding exercises which some people only call”camping” and… and we’d gladly tell you more about the narrative of this specific scene but because the connection using marshmellow is quite visible there is scarcely any need to hold from enjoying this comedy and fuckfest packaged interactive escapade on your own so watse no more time and do not forget to test other games from this show on our website! Play now »

Candy Shop – Mochi

First of all, you might know mochi as a certain sort of candy or rice cake. However, our already famous group of scientsist out of”Bo-Peep Candy” is going to flip that mochi into something far more exciting! The story commences with Andy getting a box from the mail from his stepsister. She sends those”mochi” that ofcourse gets all of the focus from Excella and Tahli… as we know that this”ineterst” ends up in making new screwable chick from it! It might not have flavour as you might have expected but you stil will have to get her thru a series of interactive orgy tests. Yet you are likely to get some anime porn themed surprises in case you won’t be racing and try all of available progarms… And don’t forget to check our website for some other games out of this yummy game series! Play now »