Subway Fucker Part 1

A gorgeous and huge-boobed damsel who lives in Tokyo comes back from work in the evening. She enters the subway station and waits for your train. Behind her, then she hears that a choir. And then someone stuns the gal with a gargle to the head. A few hours later the girl woke up in the sewer. Nearby are some kind of boxes and strange devices. Somebody walks. After a minute, a figure with a bag in his head shows up. The doll screams in horror. She knows that a rapist about which town newspapers composed captured her. He kidnaps lovely and big-boobed nymphs and rapes them. And he kills and throws away the bod parts of the city. Could a lady get free-for-all, or will she be a fucky-fucky toy at the mitts of a guru? Let’s find out. Play now »