Angel girl x

The principal heroine of the erotic yet at precisely exactly the identical time activity packed game is sexy looking beautyful blond Angel who might need to make her way through the hordes of all perevreted creatures and critters having only one thought in their mind – to tear off her clothes and fuck her! Ofcourse it will be your task as the player to help this scanty damsel to get to an exit and therefore you’ll have few fairly useful implements – since our lady is the angel she is able to throw a few magic cries and kicks and also this way to fight the eveilness… or she can attempt to evade them if it is possible but once more – her well being depends upon you. Ofcourse a couple of fuck-a-thon acts won’t kill her so in case if you are interested you can allow some monsters to put their dirty forearms on the main heorine just don’t let them to do it too often. Play now »