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Desire and Submission 2

In 2nd part of the story titled as”Wish and Submission” you will fulfill Alancy once again. Time has passed and she becomes more and more familiar to her husband’s desires and becomes even. Not to ruin the narrative lets talk about gameplay. The majority of the scenes continue to be played as point and click quests. Each time the cursor is visible you have to carry out an action by using following controls: ordinary click, dual click. More detailed description of those act you can find in the”how to play” section in the main menu. And you really should check them – it might be very useful if you don’t want to get stuckked in the first scene and to see not only how the story will end but also how many fucky-fucky scenes there will be! Play now »

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What theme can be used to get a game where you’ll have to demonstrate every one your abilities at focusing, agilty and reflexes? Such motif as inseminating big-titted manga porn lady will do just fine! The concept is plain – you have to guide your pleasure gel thru this channel. But be careful – one mistake or unintentional budge will end up in immediate game over! So attempt to focus on the procedure… if it is likely to focus on it when you’ve got such hottie in hot position before you! Anyway don’t be surprised if it is going to take few tries before you’ll reach your goal. Ater you could try to strike your record or send this game to your own friends to observe how fast that they will treat this task and specify the winner! More joy anime porn games and parodies you a constantly find on our website! Play now »

Wonder Woman

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This is a manga porn parody on some fairly old but famous anime”Tenchi Muyo” but even if you haven’t seen it or heard of it then you still shoud check it all out. It is a plain loop with one activation zone which laucnhes electrifying scene of orgasm every time you will click on it so it won’t take too much of your time and what is even finer it might make you interested in anime classics. So check thsi couple having their fun outdoors celebrating the found of some artifact and make them to spunk for as many times as you want. If you will love this kind of well-done and plain manga porn pardoies then don’t leave behind to visit our website where you will find more content like this as well as more summoning and elaborate games in different genres! Play now »

Pussymon: Episode 13

There are a lot of fresh and sexy pussymons you stiill nee dto grab and where it is possible to do that? Within this fresh episode of Pussymon Saga ofcourse! So get ready for your fresh journey in vignette 13: Greenrock Island. After arriving in Greenrock Island you and your friends inject thje dark forest while searching for possible connection between teh island and Void Portal that’s able to bring Brutemon back. While undergoing the search your soiree pops on a nearby village… New locations to explore, new quests to concludenew foes to fight and ofcourse new pussymons to catch! And don’t leave behind to play all the prior and following episodes – there were a lot of them if you want to stay in course you better go to our site rigth after you finish this game! Play now »