Meet and fuck plumber

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Envision a city in which people live. A number of them have sewage issues. The main protagonist of the game is a young plumber who works in a company to eliminate pipe blockages and water leaks. On a popular Friday evening, the plumber finished his work and wished to go to the city pub for a duo of pints of beer. Unexpectedly, the bell rang, and the dude got an SMS that he needed to fix the water supply from an important customer. Her name is Melissa. You need to help the plumber deal with the problem in Melissa’s house. To try it, use interactive elements along with a mouse. Certainly the pipes work just as needed. After the job is completed, Melissa embarks to undress and wants to thank you. She is certainly a sex addict. Oh gods… it looks damn sexy. She is nice and large bosoms. And her beaver smells truly nice. Do you fuck Melissa in her twat while squeezing a dick? And the doll reaches a moist orgasm. Are you ready to wash Melissa’s pink pipes and fuck-holes? Then let’s start the game instantaneously.

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