Boobs Lottery

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This game is a milk cans lottery because it is! That’s correct – will you see sexy naked tits or not would depend just on your personal luck! Ther ules are elementary – to – win the lottery you will need to guess the perfect button to press. Behind one isn’t anything, behind another one is new photo with hot sensual design showcasing her outstanding breasts! If you will continue imagining the perfect button couple of times in a row then you’ll get a bonus – a run of hot pictures not from the main game but still with plenty of udders to see! There will be 25 photographs you’ll have to unlock to finish the match however, you need to notice that the number of tries is restricted. In that testing of your personal luck you may observe redheads, blondes, brunettes, big tits, round tits, moist tits, swimsuits, and even more!

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