Samus the Tentacle Trap

In this joy and dangerous, however attention-grabbing flash game, you’ll learn a blonde’s story. So, the fleshy woman Samus Aran could be a senior officer in the region landing coerces. Unexpectedly an system signal is found. She is summoned by a senior officer and orders to look on the bridge to receive fresh directions. Voluptuous blonde thinks her voice is more acquainted, but there ar some qualms. Voluptuous blonde happens on the bridge and places in an area battle suit. Suddenly an unpleasant rustle is detected behind her. Samus Aran sees thick tentacles and turns around. You want to run…. Your task is to undress the voluptuous Samus Aran with the mouse and then click on the tentacles. Act quickly as a consequence of timing is proscribed. Let’s start the game straight away. Play now »