Jail Break 3

Danny was always looking at beautiful, busty girls sunbathing at the beach. He had a sudden heart attack, and passed away. Danny was buried in heaven. But the angels could not locate Danny on the list who would receive the rest of Heaven and sent him to hell. This isn’t fair. What can you do? Help Danny escape from the cage. Take a look at the game’s screen. There’s fatty Danny. He’s in a cage. To swing the cage you can drag the mouse left or right. but be careful. On the left is a busty succubus. She is guarding the cage. If she spots you trying to reach for the lever that opens the cage, she’ll take your life. Keep your eyes on her. The cage will be swung if she turns away. After you have opened the cage, you’ll move to a new game level. So let’s help Danny find his way out of Hell right now. Play now »