Spot Book 3

The third part of the enthralling online game hentai is the task you have to complete. You’ll have to find variations between the images. There are three variants between the pictures. Therefore, take a look at the screen. There are two images on the left and one to the right. They look similar at first glance. But, it’s at first glance, they’re not. Take a look at the photos. There’s a begetter. Wow. There is a difference between the two images. Select the appropriate spot to mark the difference. Now, you can only discover two additional variations. The game will advance to the next stage if you spot all variations within the photos. The numerous levelswithin the game you’ll complete, the lot of photos with naughty and attractive hentai ladies that are available. It’s time to have fun! Play now »

Meet and fuck Lavindor Kingdom

Inside this game from wonderful erotic game series”Mete and fuck” that you are going to live thru an wonderful adventure that will take place in a fanatsy kingdom of Lavindor. From how you won’t be the ordinary rookie that you always happens to be from the begining of nine games but fairly reverse – you may be honored and skillful warrior which even the King is reffering to just as soon as the deal is really severe. Now he’s sent one of his troops to get you to the castle where you will get yoru fresh intimate quest… but don’t hurry up – that soldier is now quite hot looking damsel who appears to be not quite experinced in matters like that how about to use her naive nature to have some sexy funtime first? And do not worry – she won’t be the only pretty female on your way to the aim! Play now »