Sex Paradise – Virtual Girlfriend Lucie

An intriguing 3D flash game with a true fuck-fest model called Lucie. This succulent brown-haired woman will be your girlfriend with whom you can have lovemaking. So let’s start the game. Take a look at the Monitor. Beautiful Lucie is wearing a swimsuit. She climbs the stairs . In the bottom of the game screen, you will find a text input field. At the peak of the screen you find the pleasure index. Use the text area to enter directives there. For example -“Sit”,”Caress”,”Kiss”. If the directive was right Lucie will perform this action and the pleasure indicator will begin to fill. When it is 100% utter you can give Lucie instructions. For example”Masturbate” or”Use a faux-cock”. Keep playing to give Lucie instructions and get pleasure. So it is time for some joy. Play now »