Tifa’s Swingy Ass

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Did you know that Tifa Lockhart - ass-kicking chick from"Final Fantasy VII" videogame - prefers assfucking when it comes to romp? Well, now you know... and you can alsohave some fun with her tonight! The gameplay is based on your sence of the rhytm. Click at the certain moments and if you're going to perform all actions in the proper order you will get the chance to get on a next level. Ofcourse in manga porn games next level means the change of position and this game is not exception. Get through all of Tifa's fave romp position and fuck her while giving her swingy bum a great spanking from time to time. And you don't even have to be the aficionado of the orginal videogame series because this game is entirely focused on fucking Tifa and not some story driven nostalgyc feelings.