Royal Flush Hunt

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Royal Flush Hunt is a fresh amusement that combines two games in one – shooting gallery and poker game. Basic principles of the game are similar to poker – you want to acquire the finer mix of cards. However, to do so you won’t be simply getting cards from teh deck – you will need to shoot the buubles that will be flying all around the monitor. If you’re going to get any real poker combination you will find the prize – some amount of in-game cash. If didn’t reach any poker combination you’ll lose 50 bucks. What should you need them for in this game? To make the sexy female to stip for you ofcourse! Every time you’ll find the amount more than 150 bucks you will unlock fresh flick section of this hot blondie getting rid off of her taut sundress. Don’t forget to look at our website to play more blended up games with strippers!

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