Nurse Blue Notch One

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The fact the main hero of this story is ill will let him to get something that he very likely might never get if he was healthy - sweet and nice looking nurse who cares for he rpatients a little bit too much than she should! How exactly he will us ehis illness and how hard it is going to be to seduce this nurse you will find out from this short but very titillating interactive story made in manga porn genre. Therew ill be the opportunity to select dialog lines but only one of them will allow you to budge furthe rso don't worry - soone ror afterwards you will fuck this blue haired sweetheart in uniform. But if there won't be too much interactivity at dialogs you will get lots o fit during manga porn scenes - each scene from teasing to fucking is made as simple minigame that will certainly allow you to sense the moment better than if you would simply watching it as a picture!