Meet and fuck – Secret agent

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If you like stories and games about secret agents, then this really interesting flash game is for you. So you are at the secret service office in Washington. Your title is Agent Johnson. In the briefing, you will discover that Emmett von Braun, also a professor of molecular physics, was abducted. He also developed a helluva apparatus. And if the terrorists can flip it around, then a tragedy will take place. You have to select a mission to protect against the destruction of earth. The apparatus was disassembled into 5 parts and concealed around the globe. You have to find all the areas of the device. As an example, you may visit London to meet a damsel who knows how to obtain a gadget. However, you need to lure her to find info. And after that spend together with her ultra-kinky romp night at a local hotel. If you are ready to go looking for a device, then do it at the moment.

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