Masha rape

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In a single beautiful Arab state, a beautiful dame Masha goes to a grocery store to buy milk. She has no money and she would like to sneak milk sans paying. But the guards open Masha and this lie runs away. She’s captured by the guard and puts a series on her. Now Masha gets in an unpleasant position. It’s sold in the slave industry. The judge pronounces the verdict and Masha has to be penalized. She’s ripped off her clothes leaving her totally nude. She was chained into the barrel and the warder begins to whip Masha using a whip. On her body remain bloodstained wounds in the whip. It hurts and she yells. However, the penalty continues. Masha arches down along with also the warden whips her cunt and ass. That is really sadism…. What happent next?

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