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In the hallowed halls of Miyabigaoka High College, Kotoko Haruyama was recognized as a reserved and studious girl. Beneath her placid exterior, an unusual habit simmered within her. Burdened by the weight of expectations and the analysis of her peers, Kotoko had created a peculiar coping device. A primal reaction surged within her Whenever she regarded a lascivious stare upon her. In a unanticipated and daring act of defiance, she would respond in kind, mirroring the obscenity with equal intensity. At first, this peculiar habit continued to be an exclusive affair, a secret rebellion against the overlooked norms of society. As time passed, Kotoko's vibrant defiance grew bolder, spilling over into her day-to-day interactions. She located herself challenging the intrusive stares of classmates, challenging educators who disregarded her concerns, and even taking on the lecherous advances of upperclassmen. Unbeknownst to Kotoko, her unconventional actions had caught the focus of a group of freaks, prowling in the shadows and eagerly anticipating her next move.