Furry Fury: Legend of the Twin Orbs

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Even tho’ this game is positioned as anime porn game it has something more for you than always apperaing hook-up scenes. At the very beginning of the game (if you’re legal sufficient to play it ofcourse) you will decide on the appearances of the characters and also set the sort of weapon she could use to battle her enemies. After that you will go thru brief tutorial to learn the basic controls and here you go – no you are ready to dive into this escapade where all the enemies want to fuck your uber-cute little character. Much more and fight them , explore places, solve quests, and take part in conversations that are non-linear – as we said earlier this game ha sa bunch of stuff othe rthan furries fucking each other. And some of teh characters here are pretty recognizable so you could call this game a manga porn parody as well.

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