Daughter’s Punishment

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In this game you will learn the story of the daughter-in-law who was disciplined. Thus mummy went to get the job done. The stepdaughter was abandoned. Her stepfather always shuts the door to the basement, but today the dame determined to see what was happening there. Since whenever the stepfather and her mommy will be locked in the cellar, the daughter-in-law hears unusual sounds. So she turns on the lighting. . Oh gods. In the middle of the cellar is a yam-sized table. With sadism & masochism items. Gags, whips, tongs and much more. Certainly a stepfather fucks a mummy and also punishes her. The daughter-in-law doesn’t mind knowing these items as much detail as possible, once the door opens and the wicked stepfather boils down to the basement… He sees that a young adopted daughter… It’s time for penalty…

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