Blackjack with Nicole 2

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Are you really in the mood for some card game such as blakjack? Great! Because our hot chick Nicole is experiencing exactly the exact same and much better – that she is ready to place the stakes even higher because she is going to be betting her clothing! So yes – it will be properly to predict this game a disrobe blackjack now! As for you you want to place the bet and to receive the sum of things on your hand as close to twenty one as you can but not around it – as you may see the rules are pretty classic. If you’ll chance to win then you will not only remain in the game but also make Nicole one step closer to becoming downright naked in front of you! Are you blessed or skillfull enough to do that? Then waste no more time and also enjoy the the possibility of the card game along with the stunning beauty of feminine figure forms! Have fun!

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