Anne and the Seamonster

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Beautiful and huge-chested female Annie has come to the resort to take a break from her work week. She is sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the ocean. Suddenly she perceives something. Something within her ankles. Then it brings her beneath the water. Annie screams, but no one can help. Annie loses awareness. Following having a duo of hours, she wakes up. She sees that she is in a darkened cave. Annie can’t stir. In the innards of the cave, even some sniffing noise and strange sounds can be heard. And then strange tentacles reach to Annie. It ends up the girl has been chased by a monster from a distant world. And now he lives in the sea and also fucks women to replicate. Definitely Annie doesn’t need to do that, but the monster is stronger. He fucks Annie within her pink labia with his thick tentacles and impregnates her tight cunt. Allow the game begin.

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