A Paladin’s Touch

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The courageous paladin goes to the dark crypt to save the Queen of the Elves. Killing the monsters, the paladin opens the tomb and sees the edible and buxomy Queen. Mm . . Damn it. She is so beautiful that the paladin forgets about celibacy and honor. He comes nearer and takes his armor off. Subsequently the paladin begins to rubdown the damsel using her delicious peaches and yank her nipples. From these moves they become difficult. The queen sucks a dude with his cock and licks scrotum. Then the paladin fucks the Queen in her royal cherry, tearing her. The Queen enjoys crazy fuckfest because she has not fucked for 30 decades. Subsequently the Queen sits on a fat rod and starts to lease a hiring like a woman from a brothel. After a duo of hours of wild hookup, the Queen of the Elves reaches a multiple orgasm. Let us commence our 3D adventure at the moment.

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