Summoner's Quest

Summoner’s Quest Ch.9.6

This next chapter of"Summoner's Quest" is numbered as 9 tip six. However, it has a more logical name also that is"Awaiting Trial: Day 2". So if you truly care what will happen with Summoner character next or you just want to find out which hot doll he and how he is going to fuck this time you undoubtedly don't want to skip it! However, what you may skip is dialogs. The game is made in genre of visual novel so if you are not very interested in story then you can get to the last romp scene (and here's a small hint - it'll be assfucking bang-out picture!) At a fairly short time. And who knows - may be you will enjoy it and will want to replay the whole series to ensue the story this time? If this will happen then you can search for other chapters of this game series on our site!

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