Queen of Sparta

This match is alluring parody about the supreme narrative of 300 spartans - just it's dedicated to amazons this time. Which means large tits, bareness and xxx fight scenes completely! That is Sparta as you haven't seen it - a state of proud warrior amazins lead by his undaunted queen Leonidia. From throughout the sea that the god-queen Xercia along with her uncountable hordes descend upon the shores of Greece to enslave her and for all. Today Leonidia must lead her true 300 amazons into conflict. Either they ensue her into their own deaths or even take the fight to the throne of Xercia herself! The manages in the game could require some time to get used to - but who said that melee fighting with knives and spears is an effortless job? Therefore don't worry if you'll have to unleash the match couple times - it only means taht you will see more globes!

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