Pepe Le Rapiste 3

Pepe Le Pew is the skunk and as we all know from famous TV cartoon series no one wants to deal with him for that reason. However, he is a masculine in his adult age so he needs to have fucky-fucky from time to time. How does he get laid? Well, he has to flash an incredible rate and reflexes every time he goes out in the streets in order to catch some sexy looking furry chick and bang her right on the place! Ofcourse this sounds as superb idea for an arcade genre anime porn parody game which you are going to play now and that means you will be managing Pepe and from now on it is all up to you to help Pepe to get as many sexual acts as just possibel befor ethe period will run out. For more details regarding the gameplay rules assess instruction manual from the main menu of the game.

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