Sigma versus Omega

Sigma versus Omega – 2nd Round

"Sigma vs Omega" is a serioes of joy and sometime ssexy animations which tells the story of neverending competition inbetween sororities of blond cheerleaders and gothic chicks. So if you discover this conflict both hilarious and sexy as well then you finer to get ready for the second round! Within this vignette both houses decid eto throw the best party in the campus. Ofcourse they will do everything to promote their own soiree but to ruin their neighbours soiree as well. Just how? This is something that you finer see on your own in this not very loong but jokey movie. Let's just say that there'll be a good deal of fuck-fest scenes that this time. Also don't forget to check our wbesite for other scenes of this series and maby other fun manga porn animations.

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