Mating with Emma

Installment from Young teenagers getting porn show that is. As preceding women are getting hardcore fucked. This is sex to cause pregnancy. Rude dude with his balls and cock will take all of his load to accomplish the result.

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The Show

This circus has new show just for you - it includes three hot chicks and a lof of hentai scenes!
First of all you will choose one of three candidate girls - Lisa, blonde Michelle and redhead Jennifer. Each of them not only have unique looks but also has own prefers in sex shows. Made your choice? So how about to start with a splash game? Just hit A button to increase the pressure in teh water tank and make Lisa wet... and this is only the first machine that you can use in the show! Ofcourse there will be fucking machines and way more exciting show segments to enjoy. Different girls have different kind of sexual minigames as well - try them all!
After you done with one girl you can choose anothe rone or enjoy the scenes viewer from the main menu screen.

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