roll the ball


This game's name is Billiball. If you believe that's fairly unusual name for the sport then it's just because it is truly the combination of two distinct matches - billiard and roll-the-ball. And more significant - this is erotic mix! You'll be playing the desk that consits of 15 cells. Each cell has a number - form 1 to 15. Also you will get 7 billiard nads around the table plus one white ball which you'll be playing with. Simply make a strike and count your points - it is going to be the sum of all squares which has a ball after their ceased their motion. But you will not be playing alone - you will be playing against really hot erotic model. She'll execute a hit after you and the one who receives the thicker amount in the end will win the round. Every time you'll win she will take a few of her clothes!

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