road trip

Zoe and Vince

Zoe and Vince are prepared to become new lession of fire... don't you mind to join them? But if the couple is currently in relationships for a while there may be an issue on passion between them starting to disappear. To fix it they decide to use one old and proven way of fixing it - to go on a road trip together! And looks like today is your day. Play thru this part of the game and let our heroes to finish all the prparations - discuss the plans on a trip, locate of the things they may want or simply enjoy the view of Zoe walking around the building iwearing only her underwear. Once you are ready our paramours will begin their jorney and on their way they will need to take fairly a few decisions and get into a lot of sexy and gooey situations ofcourse! Game has unique endings that all will ride on your choices all along the way.

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