rhytm gam

Sexual Guitar

By being a rockstar, you can be provided with stardom, currency and lots of hot and horny dolls! And if you are truly good at delaing with six strings tool then you will possibly fuck with a few celeb like Orihime Inoe from popular anime series"Bleach"! Ofcourse she will get naked and jump onto your trouser snake straight after you'll hit the embark button but for how long she is going to be riding ou and will you both get satiated in the end will be dependent on how good you are at playing with rhytm based games (like"Guitar Hero" for example) - click on the corresponding buttons at the right moment and you will make the sexual pleasure getting taller or overlook and make errors and you'll get nearer to Orihime kicking yoru backside fro cheating her on you becoming a rockstar...

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