The Mad Professor 2

Part 2 is available. In the course of his research, Professor Austin came up with an incomprehensible green substance. What was it? This green substance could inhale sexual fluids which affected the female brain. This research could extremely beneficial in everyday life. The professor calls the substancethe Green Storm. Then he decides to test the substance in action. He sprays the chemical near the exit to the fire. Sometimes beautiful girls go there. but something went wrong, and the professor decides to head to the town. When he arrives at the bus stop, he sees a beautiful and sexy woman. After a few seconds then, he sprays the drug on her clothes and she vanishes. The girl is naked. Green Storm controls her brain. The professor wants the girl to get her fucked. She even offers to pay for the sexual sex. The professor is in agreement and they head off to fuck. Are you curious about the next thing that happened? Get started today.

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