House of Maids v0.0.3A

*UPDATE: House of Maids v0.2.4 is currently on Patreon. DOWNLOAD v0.2.4: "House of Maids" visual novel tells a story about a young glamor photographer who emerges on an isolated island for a photo shoot with a smoking hot version but rather discovers a key private mansion occupied by astonishing maids and kinky servants. And that an arousing player's adventure starts! You may search for a fast solution from the island or become acquainted with its sexy people and dive into an incredible story - that the decision is definitely yours! After completing v0.0.3A, you are welcome to visit game's Patreon webpage and play with the latest v0.0.3B game updatet! It provides more characters, places, sexy scenes, kinky secrets and CG artworks to enjoy! :) "House of Maids" on Patreon: Gameplay features: - novel story progression - high-quality animated game characters - multitude of favored fetishes - interactive fuck-a-thon scenes - branching dialogues - multiple choices - multiple endings. ---------------------------- Changelog v.0.0.3a ---------------------------- Gameplay: - three new characters; - new hermaphroditism content (optional); - new unlockable CG artworks; - new key CG artworks; - fresh locations, including the Mansion; - new meaningful options, which unlock fresh paths and characters. Fixes: - fresh design for Xmas Sofia; - fixed CG gallery artworks; - immobile numerous typos; - motionless scripts; If you like the game and wish to support its creation, please visit its Patreon webpage and receive these prizes: - latest PC/Mac version of the game; - character sketches; - character pin-ups (high-resolution); - bang-out scenes (high ranking); - secret CG's (high heeled ); - participate in voting surveys; - your title in the game stinks; - and more! :) "House of Maids" on Patreon: Thanks for enjoying the game and sharing your own feedback! :)

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