Magic Shop

Today you are likely to go to a trully place - The Magic Shop! And you will be visiting not as a few regular customer but since the helper of the possessor himself whic means you'll receive access to this most of magical ingridients and even more - you will get the opportunity to check these on the very first-ever client that will arrive at the supermarket today. The fortune appears to be on your side - your customer is chick! She may be trying to find somethin special but because you ar ejust a new-cummer assistant you have no idea what she desires... but you can always experiment with accessible ingridients! Just pick any of these and mix them, and see what they will do to Biannca directly here and now! Will it be simply chnage of an apparel or altering bod parts - as long as the result will be sexy she will allow you to try again and again!

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