Highschool of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead Fuckers

"Highschool of the Dead... Fuckers!" Is a hentai parody game based upon one of the most popular anime series about living zombies and like it usually happens thes ezombies care not for brains when they see such hot looking buxom chick as Saeko Busujima! The one thing left to do would be to tear off her uniform and fuck her into each and every of her fuckholes... but that will be possible only if they are going to sustain the meaty rotating spotted that will chop off any dirty arm that will get inside it's way! And in case you still did not get it in this story you'll be playing the horny zombies side so it's all up to you to count the minute and act swift to reach and catch Saeko's uniform lump by piece without becoming captured by this spotted. The number of attempts is limited so be carefull if you want to see Saeko Busujima getting fucked hard!

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