Girls on Glass

Busty anime stunners getting fucked with their orbs pressed against glass and card memory card mystery - if both of these items are your real passion then you're in the ideal location. Or if you like just one of those things sufficient to let the other only happen then you might try to play with this game too. The game is based on nine card so - you can test their sexy artworks in the card gallery in main menu display. Also it can allow you to play the sport if you will see those cards it will be easiier to spot precisely the exact cards from the primary game. There'll be few rounds and every one of these may have its own limitations and winnning requirements - do not leave behind to examine and comprehend them. As for the game - just start cards and liquidate them out of playing area when you open the same ones. For each man won you'll be rewarded with sexy manga porn picture on large titties against glass theme!

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