Horny Canyon: The Encounter

This game will permit you to learn how to live from the wasteland following a nuclear war. The protagonist is about the wasteland to the closest settlement, that would exchange the skins of deer for money. It is just another 5 miles to the settlement. But on her way she meets with a ghoul. He looks suspicious. There have been undoubtedly strange ideas in his mind. The dame tries to get round the ghoul, but he blocks the street. Suddenly a shot is heard along with the ghoul falls on the street. It turns out there was a daring hero of the wastelands, the Chosen One. The woman is happy to her rescue. The doll and the chosen one start to talk. And then they proceed to go to a farm. There the chick disrobes and embarks to suck Chosen One fat dick. And that the dude fucks the gal in her pink fuckbox and round caboose. So that the woman paid for the salvation. And this is merely the start of the story...

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