The Cockbile Hunter

This manga porn match is really a xxx parody for the world renowned TV display"Crocodile Hunter". And as all your favorite manga porn parodie it's starring blond Charlie in it also! Well, since this is a manga porn parody you'll have to cath meatpipes instead of crocks. And the principal hunt will occur not at the swamps but in front of the nightclub where our brave host is attempting to get in for quite a moment. Who can help in this circumstance? Obviously Charlie can help because she's an expert in catching huge black crocks. . .we imply knobs! She'll suck it, she will fuck it, so she will get all its own juices and abandon it dry! And this is merely the first portion of the demonstrate - drama thru it and you will understand how to catch some bones in the night clubs if you're slutty blonde with large globes like Charlie!

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