Your task will be to move your mouse cursor as fast as you can browse through red spots so that the blonde girl will not quit giving you a blowjob. After every successful run you'll open new viewpoint or position.

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Royal Flush Hunt

In this sport you'll be searching for... poker cards! And as reward you may watch hot blonde getting nude for you (however that is simply in case of your hunt moving well enough). The main principle of this game is comparable to poker which means your intention is to collec the best card combinations as you can. Just the cards you'll be receiving not from your deck however from the numerous bubbles flying around the screen. Only shoot into the card whichyou will need to have a mix and get it into your hands. Each combination may bring you money (depending on your stakes) that you will utilize to see striptease video clips using this horny blonde model. Every time you'll get over 150 bucks you'll unlock next level. But be carefull - if you're getting any mixes whatsoever you'll loose 50 bucks

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The New Sexretary

Blond secretary is pretty often is a sex thing in most men's fantasies. Well, this game will not disappoint you eather! Meet Janny. This is her day one at the new project so it is not wonderfull that she obtained overdue - getting into functioning rhytm of complete company might be difficult in the beginning. However, so the terrific chance to meet up with her a little bit closer and if you'll find the best way to assist her then a workplace romance will develop into a true possibility tonight! Without spoiling for you that portion of the match we all can tell is that if you'll play with your cards right you may see few sexual minigames along with your new hot co-worker! Touching, undressing and gender in various places - Is there any better way to complete the day of hard work in the workplace? The game is not so long so pretty soon you will answer this question yourself!

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